Backed by an association of two families, an experienced team and two consulting oenologists, Charmail has everything it needs to evolve and become a must in Médoc wine. Following a precise and deep work of the team, Charmail is awarded in 2018 the status of:

Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel

A unique partnership

Bernard d'Halluin and Valérie Liquard

After more than a decade at the helm of Charmail, Bernard d'Halluin found an ideal partner to carry out the Grand Charmail project. Valérie Liquard, of Médoc origin, returns to the lands of her ancestors, themselves winegrowers of the past century.


Hubert de Boüard

One of the great Bordeaux oenologists, he works alongside families to share his passion for wine. He puts all his experience, know-how and expertise at the service of the property. Thus Charmail continues its journey in line with what Olivier Sèze has established for years, namely the mastery and the requirement in all stages of the Vine to the Wine, in search of elegance and balance. .

Charmail Team

The Team

Thanks to the many years spent together, the Charmail team knows each other well and above all knows the area very well. It is thanks to the will and the talent of each one as well as to the cohesion of this team, that the property is what it is today.